Cloverleaf Celtic Cross-Wood Carved Budded Cross, Apostles Cross, Cathedral Cross

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MEANING: The Cross is among the oldest and most universal of symbols… The earliest Christians extended the bottom leg of the Celtic Wheel Cross to create the Celtic Cross. The circle woven around the vertical and horizontal members defines the Celtic Christian Cross.

The Budded Cross, also known as the Apostles' Cross, the Treflée, Botonée or Cathedral Cross is  stylized cross, common in heraldry as well as Christian iconography.  When the ends of the cross arms contain 3 buds, we are reminded of the teachings in 1 Cor. 13: "Faith, Hope, Love; The greatest of these is love." 

Christians are also reminded of the holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit by these three buds, or indeed anything else with a triple design, such as the three-leafed clover which is why we call this our Cloverleaf Celtic Cross! 

Since there are four arms, another name is the Apostles' Cross, with one bud for each of the twelve budding Christian apostles. 

 A cross with three buds is often an identification mark on signboards and maps for a cathedral, hence it is occasionally named a Cathedral Cross. (Chapel and Church markers are usually less ornate).

This is a gift for anyone who collects crosses! The back of the cross is keyholed for hanging.

THE CARVING: My Carvings are single pieces of western red cedar, designed and carved to be wall hangings. Each piece is finished with a blend of clear oils that brings out the natural color of the wood. For more information on the process of creation, please see my profile.

SIZE: The last picture has the piece on a quilting board, lined up on the 1 inch marks. So subtract 1 inch from the height and width for the stock size. Measurements may vary slightly from piece to piece. Please contact if we don't have your country listed for shipping outside of the U.S. International orders will be sent Parcel Post.

The pictures you see here are stock photos. What you get will depend on what we have in stock. If there are no others in stock, the time to shipping will be increased. If you desire and request something (for example) dark, we will pull the darkest board we have, but it will not necessarily be as dark as (for example) walnut would be. Western Red Cedar is the species from which roofing shingles, decks, and gazeboes have traditionally been made. It is resistant to mold, moisture, and insects. The oiling process also helps to block out damaging UV rays of the sun, so our carvings can be hung outdoors. Please be aware, that even with the oiling, the carving will eventually gray out, as any cedar will, if it is placed in direct sunlight.

 SIZE OF THE CARVINGS: The stock carvings are limited by the size of the board that starts the carving process. As the initial piece is 1 in. x 12 in., (in reality 3/4 in. x 11-3/4 in.) one side of the carving will be no greater then approximately 11-1/2 in.