Swan - Wood Carved Celtic Knot of Love, Fidelity, Grace and Beauty

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MEANING: A symbol of love and fidelity because swans sustain their relationships for life... The Swan holds a multitude of representations including; Love, Grace, Union, Purity, Beauty, Dreams, Balance, Elegance, Partnership and Transformation. For a more in depth explanation of the myth and lore of Swan, you can go to http://www.whats-your-sign.com/swan-meaning-and-symbolism.html.

One picture shows that Swan can be carved facing either left or right. Please add a note if you have a preference.

The picture with a set of Swans and a Fairy Star of Enchantment above them show the face can be wood burned (right hand swan). Please contact if you would like a custom wood burning done.

THE CARVING: Our carvings are single pieces of western red cedar, designed and carved to be wall hangings. Each piece is finished with a blend of clear oils that brings out the natural color of the wood. For more information on the process of creation, please see our profile.

SIZE: One picture has the piece on a quilting board, lined up on the 1 inch marks. So subtract 1 inch from the height and width for the stock size. Measurements may vary slightly from piece to piece. 

The pictures you see here are stock photos. What you get will depend on what we have in stock. If there are no others in stock, the time to shipping will be increased. If you desire and request something (for example) dark, we will pull the darkest board we have, but it will not necessarily be as dark as (for example) walnut would be. Western Red Cedar is the species from which roofing shingles, decks, and gazeboes have traditionally been made. It is resistant to mold, moisture, and insects. The oiling process also helps to block out damaging UV rays of the sun, so our carvings can be hung outdoors. Please be aware, that even with the oiling, the carving will eventually gray out, as any cedar will, if it is placed in direct sunlight.

 SIZE OF THE CARVINGS: The stock carvings are limited by the size of the board that starts the carving process. As the initial piece is 1 in. x 12 in., (in reality 3/4 in. x 11-3/4 in.) one side of the carving will be no greater then approximately 11-1/2 in.