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Autumn GreenMan Wallpaper for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus- downloadable file

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This is a digital download file for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus- no physical print will be sent to you. It can be used as your lock screen or home screen background.

The picture is of Katrina's Autumn Green Man with Acorn Frame with a background of the forest edge of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  

For personal use only. Not to be copied, altered, sold, or distributed.


The wood burning of the Green Man represents the primal, active force within all things, consort of the Goddess, balancing symbol of male energy in the divine. Katrina used the "modern" definition of Green Man that seems to encompass the Green Man (Lord of Forest-Vegitation), Cernunnos (Lord of the Forest-Animals, "horned god" of Celtic polytheism) and Herne the Hunter. Thus, leaves and acorn combined with horns and deer ears.

The Triple Moon between the antlers is the nod to the Triple Moon Goddess for completeness of the energies, but this is really all about the Green Man.

The Acorn is a symbol of luck, prosperity, youthfulness and power.  Within the Druidic path, the magical meaning of Acorn, as a seed, is a symbol of growth and unlimited potential.  The acorn, in its dormant state, reminds us that we, too need periods of rest/dormancy and periods of growth.  We must look to the oak and understand the importance of living within the seasons, with grace and harmony.   The acorn teaches us about our own potential–how one acorn can grow into a massive oak and seed a whole forest.  The oak tree is only partially seen–the massive root system of an oak tree is as tall and wide as the tree itself.  This teaches us that there is much to living and our spiritual experiences that we can’t see, and that even though the roots can’t be seen, we can see their influence.

THE INSPIRATION: This came from living in our booth at the Maryland Renaissance Festival outside of Annapolis MD.  We are there during the autumn turning of the leaves when we go from being ungodly hot to freezing!  Nah…It is an absolutely beautiful time of year!  Thus the inspiration!  The leaves on the Greenman are from the trees surrounding our booth and the workshop behind the scenes.  They are Oak, Holly, Elm and Tulip Poplar. The critters here and there in the wood burning let us share their space for a few months of the year! (hmmm…mayhap I should have included spiders!)