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The vertical and horizontal members of this handmade Celtic Cross gently tapers out from the center to the widest width at the outer edge of the circle and remains at this width to the throughout the length, ending in a square base. This outward expansion to the ring can be seen as an exuberant sharing and generous giving of the Love of Jesus radiating the Christ Energy outward. The squared ends invoke the foundation and stability that a life with Christ brings to one’s heart.  

The circle connecting the members has been mortised away to accentuate the cross.

There is one variation of the Simple Cross (no Celtic ring). Any of the sizes can be made without the ring, if this is your preference, please order the size you wish and add a note requesting we make it a Simple Cross. 

SIZES: This listing includes size variations. Sizes here are approximations. Coop draws these up with compass and ruler, the sanding sometimes can take more or less away from the edges, etc. so each will be a little different…but close! 

The LARGE Celtic Cross and Large Simple Cross are approximately 14 inches tall by 9 inches wide. The width of the members are approximately 2 inches wide

The MEDIUM Celtic Cross is 12 inches tall by 7 inches wide. The width of the members taper from approximately 1 inches wide

The Small Celtic Cross is

9 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide.nThe width of the members taper from approximately 1 inch wide


This is a gift for anyone who collects crosses, for Baptism, Christening, a Christian Family, Retirement/Moving on gift, etc.!


MEANING: The Cross is among the oldest and most universal of symbols... The earliest Christians extended the bottom leg of the Celtic Wheel Cross to create the Celtic Cross. The circle woven around the vertical and horizontal members defines the Celtic Christian Cross.


The pictures you see here are stock photos. What you get will depend on what we have in stock. If there are no others in stock, the time to shipping will be increased. If you desire and request something (for example) dark, we will pull the darkest board we have, but it will not necessarily be as dark as (for example) walnut would be. Western Red Cedar is the species from which roofing shingles, decks, and gazeboes have traditionally been made. It is resistant to mold, moisture, and insects. The oiling process also helps to block out damaging UV rays of the sun, so our carvings can be hung outdoors. Please be aware, that even with the oiling, the carving will eventually gray out, as any cedar will, if it is placed in direct sunlight.

 SIZE OF THE CARVINGS: The stock carvings are limited by the size of the board that starts the carving process. As the initial piece is 1 in. x 12 in., (in reality 3/4 in. x 11-3/4 in.) one side of the carving will be no greater then approximately 11-1/2 in.