Heart of Infinite Love Greeting Card - Heart shape and Infinity Ribbon Blank Card

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Greeting Cards created from photos of wood carvings by Signs of Spirit.  Pictures are taken of the carving and manipulated in Photoshop. Some are then layered on a background of a photo or sketch enhancing the meaning of the wood carving.  The back of the card has the meaning of the knot, leaving the inside blank for you to use. 


An Infinity Ribbon woven thru a large and generous Heart shape signaling,  ‘A Love to last the Ages.  

The Heart has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol for Love, Charity, Joy and Compassion.

In Mathematics, the infinity symbol often represents a potential infinity.

So…here you have the potential for Infinite Love!

This card is wonderful for Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, or any Love Related life event…It would also do well accompanying a wood carving…<grin>

The card is printed on a 7 X 10 inch (folds to 7 X 5) A7 card of 60lb. Red River Paper Canvas. Paper canvas offers the texture of canvas media and the flexible use of a paper stock. You will get card and envelope inside of a cellophane sleeve.

The pictures here have watermarks…they won’t be on your card.