Heart Shaped Necklace with Painted Flowers and Inspiring Words One of a Kind

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Katrina's Hearts with wood burning and painted flowers on one side, uplifting word on the other. Coop has attached an adjustable waxed Linen cord. Other variations  may appear!

I cut and carve free-hand drawn hearts from left-over edges of larger carvings. As they are small, they can be challenging to carve...like flipping out of one's hand...multiple times, nicking said hands...and fingers, ...you can get the idea... In fact, these challenges can be encountered when sanding too! 

The design is laid out in pencil, then wood burned.  On lighter pieces of wood, I may do a bit more shading detail on areas that aren't painted.  On dark wood the details don't show up and I usually just use the wood burning for the outline and to darken the outer background for more contrast.  

I then oil them in the Danish Oil we use for sealing all of our wood carvings. This brings out the grain line and color of the wood.  

After fully drying, I apply a wood sealer. In my research I've been reading about tannins causing the paint to yellow...so add another step.

Then, I get to paint! I use Matisse Acrylic's and Daler-Rowney FW Inks. 

When that is done and dried, they get lightly sprayed with Krylon Gloss to keep the paint from wearing off. I try to leave the back un-sealed so you can still get the scent of the cedar as it warms against your body.