Valknut-Devotion to Odin-Hrungnir's Heart-Knot of the Slain-Asatru Faith

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MEANING: Devotion to Odin, found on old Norse stonecarvings. Also called Hrungnir's heart and the Knot of the Slain; Suggestive of the Nine Fates of the Norse. To the followers of the Asatru faith, it demonstrates willingness to join Odin's chosen warriors anytime He calls. Another aspect of this symbol are the numbers three and nine. Three has been a common symbol in many cultures and religions, as is itself multiplied...the number nine. In Norse mythology, nine is signifacant because of the nine worlds that are united by Yggdrasil (the World Tree). The nine points of the Valknut could symbolize the nine worlds and their interconnected nature. THE CARVING: My Carvings are single pieces of western red cedar, designed and carved to be wall hangings. Each piece is finished with a blend of clear oils that brings out the natural color of the wood. For more information on the process of creation, please see my profile. SIZE: The last picture has the piece on a quilting board, lined up on the 1 inch marks. So subtract 1 inch from the height and width for the stock size. Measurements may vary slightly from piece to piece. Please Convo for Shipping outside of the U.S.