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Wind Blown Tree and Moon Wood Carving, Tree of Life Art, Symbol of Interconnectedness, 3 Moon Phase Variations, Moon Goddess, Moonlight and Romance Decor

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Intricate carving of a wind blown tree with a Crescent or Full Moon within the branches.  Crescent Moon can be pointing to the left or right, adding the element of waxing or waning; phase of the life of a woman, Maiden or Crone. You can also request a full moon that may represent the Mother phase.  


The Tree of Life: The upper branches flowing down to entwine in a Celtic Eternity Braid with the upward reaching roots of the tree show the meaning of Interconnectedness of All Things.  Without either the sun and air of the Heavens, or the stablility and nourishment of the Earth the Tree can not exist. 

The Wind: Unseen but felt, dynamic movement dissipates stagnation.The movement of the wind reminds us we must bend and give, as well as reach deep into our center for stability 

There are multiple meanings for The Moon: 

Romance!  Moon and Moonlight are celebrated in songs and poetry for love and romance. Imagine…A breezy, moonlit stroll hand-in-hand, laughter and giggles, leaning against the trunk, arms encircling one another, warmth where the bodies touch, watching the moon…. 

Reflection: The gentle light of the moon is reflected sunlight but it can be a reflection of ourselves. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. Sometimes dark and mysterious. Every day it’s a different version of itself, always changing. 

Moon Goddess:  Within the Wiccan, Pagan, etc. paths that follow the Triple Moon Goddess, this carving can represent a single phase of a woman’s life and the corresponding Goddess energy of Maiden, Mother or Crone.  To us, the Crescent Moon with tips pointing to the left is Maiden; Full Moon the Mother (I draw the curvy part of the trunk a bit wider to give to look like a pregnant belly) and Crescent Moon with tips pointing to the right is the Crone.   

There are 3 variations as mentioned in the Moon Goddess meaning.   Crescent Moon can be pointing to the left or right, adding the element of waxing or waning; phase of the life of a woman, Maiden or Crone. You can also request a full moon that may represent the Mother phase.  Please add a note when you order if you have a preference.  


Our carvings are single pieces of western red cedar, designed and carved to be wall hangings.  Each carving begins as a 1 X 12 inch cedar board.  While we use power tools (Scroll Saw, Rotary shaft Tool, handheld detail sanders etc.), we use no laser’s, CNC machines or computer operated cutting machines.  All work is done with our hands and eyes… 

We cut the 2 dimensional blanks with scroll and jig saws (double-sized custom orders have to be cut with jigsaw). Carving is done with rotary shaft tools and disc grinders. The 80 grit sanding is the final phase of the carving process, removing the nicks and gouges from the carving tools, and finishes the shaping of the weave. The next 2 sandings with 120 then 220 grit finishes the smoothing and polishing. They are finished with Clear Danish Oil to seal the piece, bringing out the grain and the color.


The pictures you see here are stock photos. What you get will depend on what we have in stock. If there are no others in stock, the time to shipping will be increased. If you desire and request something (for example) dark, we will pull the darkest board we have, but it will not necessarily be as dark as (for example) walnut would be. Western Red Cedar is the species from which roofing shingles, decks, and gazeboes have traditionally been made. It is resistant to mold, moisture, and insects. The oiling process also helps to block out damaging UV rays of the sun, so our carvings can be hung outdoors. Please be aware, that even with the oiling, the carving will eventually gray out, as any cedar will, if it is placed in direct sunlight.

 SIZE OF THE CARVINGS: The stock carvings are limited by the size of the board that starts the carving process. As the initial piece is 1 in. x 12 in., (in reality 3/4 in. x 11-3/4 in.) one side of the carving will be no greater then approximately 11-1/2 in.